Payroll Accounting

To provide an interesting and useful understanding of accounting for payroll. The course will cover all the basics of payroll, including many of the laws affecting payroll.

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Course Description

Learn fundamental skills and basic knowledge in the area of business payroll. The focus of the course is primarily in the following areas: payroll and personnel record keeping, calculation of gross pay using various methods, calculation of Social Security and Medicare taxes, calculation of federal and state income taxes, calculation of federal and state unemployment taxes, journalizing and posting payroll entries, and completing various federal and state forms.

What you'll learn

  • Payroll Register & Earning Record
  • Regular Pay & Overtime Pay Calculation
  • Taxes – Employer & Employee
  • Payroll Ethics & Practices
  • Comprehensive Payroll Problem
  • Definitions & Key Terms
payroll accounting




7.5 weeks




3 Semester hours

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