Personal Tax

This course is most beneficial to professionals new to this subject area who may be at the staff or entry level in an organization, but also for a seasoned professional with limited exposure to this topic.

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Course Description

Introduction to Income Taxation Course Description. Introduction to Tax provides an overview of the individual Federal Income Tax – the tax you will pay annually throughout your entire working life. … Moreover, a basic understanding of income tax is essential for lawyers in diverse legal practice areas

What you'll learn

  • Difference between bookkeeping and accounting
  • Assets, liabilities and owners’ equity
  • Expenses and revenues
  • Prepaid expenses and unearned revenues
  • Transactions
  • Accounts
  • Double-entry accounting system
  • Accrual accounting system
  • Debit-Credit language
  • Recording business transactions
  • Sale
  • Purchase

Course Dates



7.5 weeks




3 Semester hours

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