Unfortunately, many people get a degree in accounting because they can’t think of what else to do and they just want to earn a decent salary. But they later discover that accounting isn’t really for them. So, then what can they do?

Some points to bear in mind

A degree is a degree

Having an accounting degree looks good on a resume. It shows that you are intelligent, can work with numbers and are able to focus and problem solve. Accounting also requires a great deal more work and dedication than other degrees, which also says a lot to an employer about you. Additionally, if you did internships as a student, which will also be a plus on your resume, as many employers prefer to hire someone with some sort of work experience regardless of what that experience is.


Having an accounting background makes it much easier to start your own business. You know how to balance your books, make realistic financial plans and how to budget. All of these are skills that many others only learn through trial and error. It will also save your business a lot of money in the long run, as you will not have to outsource this work to an accountant.

Non-accounting jobs for accountants

1. Special Agents

That’s right, the FBI likes hiring accountants, as they are generally analytic thinks and good at problem solving and remembering laws and regulations. However, you will need to pass their physical fitness test, which includes hearing and visual standards. You must also be between the ages of 23 and 37 to apply. You will also be required to work a minimum workweek of 50 hours including weekends. You will also need to move to whichever of their 56 field offices the send you to, upon graduating form the FBI academy. The good news is that relocation expenses are reimbursed.

2. Information Technology and Programming

Many accountants discover that they are pretty good at programming by learning code while working in accounting. This is a highly sought-after skillset that is

3. Project Manager

This position can vary per company, but it usually entails coordinating the work of team-members to facilitate the completion of a project. This includes allocating tasks, tracking workflow, implementing deadlines, coordinating and running team meetings and more.

4. Teaching

If you have a master’s in accounting, you can apply to teach at a college. Alternatively, you could also look into teaching accounting in high school or similar.

5. ERP Specialist

ERP Systems Implementation entails creating and implementing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for a specific industry according to the company’s needs. They usually aim to integrate the ERP technology with the business’ existing infrastructure. They can either work for a company or as an independent consultant.

6. Business Analytics

This entails combing through a company’s financial records and statistical data to determine how to move forward in terms of continuing or expanding a product line, allocating resources to projects and in making other decisions. This is a crucial roll in the company, and therefore requires someone who is skilled at data research and analytics. Hence why an accounting degree would put the candidate in a favorable regard for the position.

7. Data Analytics

Data analytics involves examine data and inferring conclusions based on the data. This includes tracing trends, fluctuations and other information that is useful to the business. This data is usually past on to the business analyst, financial manager or similarly positioned personnel in the company in order to help guide their decisions vis-à-vis the business going forward.

8. Compliance

Someone who works in compliance is tasked with ensuring that the business is compliant with the rules and regulations of the country on which the business is operating, as well as ensuring that the employees are producing work that is compliant with both the company and state or country’s rules and regulations. This is an important role, as it prevents the company from being subject to fines or worse if an infraction were to occur and be discovered. It obviously requires someone with a firm backbone who is capable of giving over information in a calm and concise way, because they are likely to be having interesting discussions with members from other teams, especially when it comes to marketing, graphic design and approving business plans.

Any position that you could get with a BA, business or finance degree

As we mentioned above, as long as you have the required skillset, most employees will be happy to see that you have a degree of any kind. They will also likely be especially interested in your having a degree in accounting, as even if you are not applying for a financial role, certain skillsets that are crucial to the accounting profession, such as mastery of excel, analytical and problem-solving capabilities and so on, are beneficial to many professions and roles.