Figuring out the best accounting firms to work for is a great first step in setting up your career as an accountant for success. Choosing the right firm to work for can significantly impact one’s career trajectory and professional development.

In this article, we will explore the best accounting firms to work for in 2023. Our rankings are based on independent reviews, employee feedback, and extensive research into the culture, benefits, and growth opportunities at each firm. We understand the importance of finding a company that aligns with your values, work ethic, and career goals. Our guide will provide insights into the top accounting firms in the industry and help you make an informed decision about which firm to join.

Criteria for Selecting the Best Accounting Firms

Selecting the best accounting firms to work for involves careful consideration of several factors. To compile our list, we used a set of criteria that assesses employee satisfaction, benefits, culture, and growth opportunities.

  1. Employee Satisfaction: Employee satisfaction is an essential factor in determining the best accounting firms to work for. We reviewed employee feedback gathered from surveys and third-party review websites to assess overall satisfaction levels. Highly satisfied employees tend to stay longer with a firm, have better job performance, and have a positive impact on team morale.
  2. Benefits: Employee benefits are another crucial factor when evaluating accounting firms. We researched the benefits packages offered by each firm, including health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, and other perks. We also looked for firms that offer unique benefits that positively impact employee work-life balance and overall job satisfaction.
  3. Culture: Our ranking also considered the culture and values of each firm. We examined the level of support for diversity and inclusion, as well as the firm’s approach to employee development and engagement programs. Positive working environments with an emphasis on employee wellbeing and professional growth are essential to job satisfaction and overall success.
  4. Growth Opportunities: Finally, we looked at the growth opportunities available at each firm. We evaluated the level of support for employee education, training, development programs, and mentorship. We also examined the firm’s track record of promoting employees to higher positions within the organization.

It’s crucial for job seekers to consider these criteria when evaluating accounting firms. Evaluating employee satisfaction, benefit packages, company culture, and growth opportunities will help job seekers make informed decisions about their career trajectory and find a firm that aligns with their values and career aspirations. By understanding these factors, prospective accounting professionals can select a firm that will enable them to grow and thrive professionally while maintaining a positive work-life balance.

Top Accounting Firms to Work For

In this section, we will introduce some of the top accounting firms to work for in 2023. These firms have been carefully selected based on reviews, rankings, and our comprehensive analysis of their qualities, benefits, culture, and growth opportunities. Let’s explore each firm and highlight what sets them apart.

  1. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC): PwC consistently receives top ratings from employees and industry experts. With a strong emphasis on employee development, they offer extensive training programs and mentorship opportunities. Their collaborative culture encourages teamwork and fosters a supportive work environment. Notable benefits offered by PwC include flexible work arrangements, competitive salary packages, and generous retirement plans.
  2. Deloitte: Known for its commitment to diversity and inclusion, Deloitte prioritizes creating a welcoming and inclusive workplace. They actively promote employee wellbeing through wellness initiatives and work-life balance programs. Career growth is a key focus at Deloitte, with opportunities for rapid advancement and mentorship programs that nurture professional development. Additionally, their innovative technology solutions provide employees with the tools to excel in their roles.
  3. Ernst & Young (EY): Ernst & Young distinguishes itself with its strong emphasis on work-life balance. They have implemented flexible work arrangements and family-friendly policies, fostering a supportive and accommodating environment for employees. The firm’s inclusive culture values employee contributions and encourages collaboration. EY offers comprehensive professional development programs and sponsorship for professional certifications.
  4. KPMG: KPMG stands out for its commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. They integrate these values into their business practices and offer employees opportunities to engage in pro bono work and community service. KPMG is known for its excellent mentorship programs and leadership development initiatives. They provide a range of benefits, including wellness programs, tuition assistance, and generous parental leave policies.
  5. Grant Thornton: Grant Thornton has solidified its position as an industry leader by embracing innovation and technology. They invest heavily in cutting-edge tools and systems, ensuring employees have the resources needed to excel. The firm’s culture promotes a commitment to excellence and continuous learning. Employees at Grant Thornton benefit from competitive compensation packages, comprehensive healthcare benefits, and a supportive network of colleagues.

Each of the top accounting firms on our list – PwC [1], Deloitte [2], EY [3], KPMG [4], and Grant Thornton [5] – offers unique qualities, benefits, and company culture that sets them apart. While these firms share common attributes such as employee development opportunities and competitive benefits, it is essential to explore further to find the firm that aligns best with your career goals. Take into consideration their growth opportunities, mentorship programs, and any outstanding features that resonate with your aspirations. Engage with professionals from these firms or read more about them to gain deeper insights into their organizational cultures and values. Finding the right fit among these top accounting firms ensures a fulfilling and rewarding career in the accounting industry.

IV. Benefits of Working at the Best Accounting Firms

Working at the top accounting firms offers a range of benefits and advantages for accounting professionals. These firms prioritize employee satisfaction and provide attractive perks that enhance work-life balance, foster professional development, and offer comprehensive support. Let’s delve into the specific benefits that make these firms attractive places to work for:

  1. Perks: The best accounting firms offer a host of perks designed to enhance employee satisfaction and wellbeing. These may include flexible work arrangements, such as remote work options or flexible scheduling, which provide the freedom to balance work and personal life commitments effectively. Other perks may include on-site fitness centers, subsidized gym memberships, wellness programs, and generous employee discounts on various products and services.
  2. Work-Life Balance: Accounting professionals at these top firms can expect a focus on work-life balance. Companies recognize the importance of maintaining a healthy equilibrium between professional and personal responsibilities. By implementing flexible work arrangements, providing paid time off, and promoting a positive work culture that respects boundaries, these firms enable employees to achieve a better work-life balance.
  3. Professional Development Programs: The best accounting firms invest heavily in their employees’ professional growth and development. They offer extensive training programs, mentorship opportunities, and support for professional certifications. These programs help accountants enhance their skills, stay updated with the latest industry trends, and advance their careers. Employees can expect to receive ongoing learning opportunities that allow them to excel in their roles and unlock new career pathways. This even goes as far as helping employees who have not yet earned their 150 credits to do so through and similar resources.
  4. Employee Support: Top accounting firms prioritize the wellbeing and support of their employees. They provide various support mechanisms, such as employee assistance programs, counseling services, and dedicated HR personnel who are readily available to address concerns and provide guidance. These firms also foster a positive and inclusive work environment that values diversity and encourages collaboration among colleagues. The strong support system offered ensures that employees feel empowered and supported throughout their careers.

The above-mentioned benefits make the best accounting firms attractive places to work for accounting professionals. The combination of perks, work-life balance initiatives, professional development programs, and employee support contribute to a fulfilling and enriching work experience. These firms understand the importance of valuing and investing in their employees, and by offering these benefits, they create an environment that promotes both personal and professional growth. Ultimately, working at these top accounting firms provides a solid foundation for a successful and rewarding career in the accounting industry.

Company Culture

The company culture and values at the best accounting firms play a crucial role in creating a positive work experience for employees. These firms cultivate collaborative environments, prioritize diversity and inclusion, and implement employee engagement programs. Let’s explore how each firm emphasizes these cultural aspects to foster a supportive and thriving workplace:

  1. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC): PwC fosters a culture of collaboration where teamwork is highly valued. They encourage employees to work together, exchange ideas, and leverage their collective expertise to address business challenges. PwC also prioritizes diversity and inclusion, actively promoting gender and ethnic diversity at all levels of the organization. The firm supports and engages employees through various initiatives like mentorship programs, employee resource groups, and leadership development opportunities, creating a positive and inclusive work environment.
  2. Deloitte: Deloitte places a strong emphasis on creating a welcoming and inclusive workplace culture. The firm actively pursues diversity and inclusion initiatives, working towards providing equal opportunities for all employees. Deloitte values employee engagement and recognizes the importance of work-life balance. They invest in wellness initiatives, flexible work arrangements, and programs that support physical and mental well-being. By focusing on these aspects, Deloitte fosters a culture that values individuals and promotes collaboration, ultimately leading to greater employee satisfaction.
  3. Ernst & Young (EY): EY prides itself on its commitment to work-life balance and employee well-being. The firm promotes a culture that supports flexible work arrangements, allowing employees to meet personal obligations while excelling in their professional roles. EY also strives to create an inclusive environment where diverse perspectives are valued and celebrated. They have implemented diversity training programs and resource groups to foster a sense of belonging and drive innovation through collaboration.
  4. KPMG: KPMG stands out for its focus on sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and making a positive impact on communities. The firm integrates these values into its corporate culture and encourages employees to contribute through pro bono work and community service. KPMG is committed to nurturing talent and provides mentorship programs and leadership development initiatives to support employees’ growth. The firm’s culture emphasizes teamwork, inclusivity, and innovation to create an engaging and fulfilling work environment.
  5. Grant Thornton: Grant Thornton promotes a culture of excellence and continuous learning. The firm embraces innovation and technology and invests in cutting-edge tools to enhance employees’ ability to deliver high-quality work. Grant Thornton’s collaborative culture encourages employees to share knowledge and collaborate across teams, fostering a sense of camaraderie and cooperation. By providing ongoing learning opportunities and a supportive work environment, Grant Thornton nourishes a culture that enables employees to thrive and reach their full potential.

The company culture and values at these top accounting firms contribute to a positive work experience in several ways. A collaborative environment fosters teamwork and enables employees to learn from one another, resulting in enhanced problem-solving capabilities and collective growth. Emphasizing diversity and inclusion ensures a workplace where individuals feel valued, respected, and comfortable being themselves, ultimately promoting innovation and creativity. Employee engagement programs, wellness initiatives, and flexible work arrangements demonstrate a commitment to the well-being and work-life balance of employees, leading to increased job satisfaction and productivity.

Growth Opportunities

The best accounting firms offer a plethora of growth opportunities for accounting professionals, providing them with mentorship programs, comprehensive training, and clear paths for career advancement. Through these initiatives, employees can develop their skills, expand their knowledge base, and progress to higher positions within the firm. Let’s explore the growth opportunities available at these firms and highlight success stories of professionals who have advanced their careers:

  1. Mentorship Programs: Top accounting firms understand the importance of mentorship in fostering professional growth. They provide formal mentorship programs that pair junior employees with experienced leaders in the firm. Mentors offer guidance, support, and advice, helping mentees navigate their career paths, develop key skills, and overcome challenges. Through mentorship, employees gain valuable insights, expand their networks, and receive personalized development opportunities that accelerate their growth.
  2. Training and Development: The best accounting firms prioritize continuous learning and invest in comprehensive training programs. They offer a range of internal and external training opportunities to enhance employees’ technical knowledge, soft skills, and industry expertise. These firms provide workshops, seminars, online courses, and certifications to keep employees up-to-date with the latest accounting standards and emerging trends. By supporting ongoing development, these firms empower employees to excel in their current roles and prepare for future advancement.
  3. Advancement Prospects: Career advancement is a key focus at top accounting firms. They provide clear and structured advancement paths that outline the skills, experiences, and milestones required for each level. Employees can set their sights on positions such as senior accountant, manager, director, or partner, and work towards achieving these goals. These firms often have performance-based evaluations and promotion cycles to ensure that employees are recognized and rewarded for their contributions. Advancement opportunities serve as a strong motivator for employees to continually improve their skills and strive for excellence.

In conclusion, the top accounting firms excel in offering growth opportunities to employees. By providing mentorship programs, comprehensive training, and well-defined advancement paths, these firms create an environment where individuals can flourish and reach their full potential. The success stories of professionals who have achieved remarkable career progression at these firms serve as testaments to the rich growth prospects available to accounting professionals seeking to advance their careers.


Choosing the right accounting firm to work for is of utmost importance in the accounting industry. The top accounting firms on our list distinguish themselves by offering competitive salaries, challenging and rewarding work, a supportive company culture, and ample growth opportunities. By joining one of these firms, accounting professionals can lay the foundation for a successful and fulfilling career.

It is crucial for readers to consider the firms on the list and conduct further research to find the best fit for their career goals. Each firm has its unique strengths, company culture, and areas of focus. Reflecting on their own aspirations and evaluating which firm aligns best with their values, growth opportunities, and work-life balance is an essential step in making a well-informed decision.

While salary and benefits are important considerations, it’s equally crucial to assess the overall work environment and growth prospects. Researching the firms’ mentorship programs, training initiatives, and career advancement paths will help candidates understand how each firm invests in their employees’ professional development and growth. Networking with individuals who work or have worked at these firms can provide valuable insights into the firm’s culture, support systems, and opportunities for career growth.

Accounting professionals should also consider the industry sectors and clients the firm serves. Some firms specialize in particular industries, such as technology, finance, or healthcare, while others have a more diverse client base. Aligning with a firm that caters to their interests and aspirations will contribute to a more engaging and fulfilling career.

To summarize, choosing the right accounting firm is a critical decision that will shape an accountant’s career trajectory and overall job satisfaction. The firms on our list offer exceptional opportunities to learn, grow, and contribute to exciting projects. By researching further and carefully weighing their options, readers can find the accounting firm that best aligns with their career goals and sets them up for long-term success.