After you write your first exam, you’re definitely going to be eager to find out your results. Sometimes this can take a bit of time, so you’ll need to be patient. NASBA releases scores to candidates and State Boards of Accountancy based on the AICPA’s score release timetables. If your State Board of Accountancy uses NASBAs online score retrieval service, then your exam scores will be available online. 

Exam Score Release Dates 2021/2022

In the past, the CPA exam could only be taken during one of the four testing windows set by NASBA. However, in light of COVID-19, this year has seen several candidates requesting that this practice be revised. In response, NASBA has switched to continuous testing. This means that, as of July 2021, students were able to take their exams at any point in the year. 

Under these conditions, exam results are being released on a rolling basis throughout the year. Usually, you will have access to your results +/-10 days after you write your exam. 

Note: these dates are not fixed. They change on a yearly basis; perhaps even more frequently under unprecedented circumstances. 

July 23August 9August 15August 23September 7September 15October 1October 11October 23November 8November 15November 23December 8December 16January 1January 10
If you take your exam on/before: Your target score release date is:
April 23 May 10
May 16 May 24
June 8 June 16
June 30 July 12
Source: AICPA 🔗

Things to Remember about the CPA Score Release Dates

If you don’t receive your results when you expect to, the AICPA suggests that CPA exam candidates keep the following things in mind:

  • All dates and times are based on Eastern Standard Time zone.
  • Under normal circumstances, the AICPA should receive the examination data files from Prometric within 24 hours after a candidate completes the Exam.
  • The scores for the examination data received after the AICPA cutoff dates will be in the subsequent scheduled target score release.
  • Some sections (for example, the BEC section) might take a little longer due to additional analysis that could be necessary.  

Remember, if you discover that you have failed your exam, you’ll have to reschedule it. This means revising content from the exam you’ve already written. Our advice is that you spend some time reviewing the CPA score release dates when planning to schedule your exams. This will help you to gage when you’ll find out if you’ve passed or failed, and when you can expect to start studying for the next sections. Until you find out your results, the AICPA recommends taking some time to recharge your batteries. This doesn’t mean totally forgetting about your upcoming CPA exams. Use the week after you write your exam to gather your study materials and get yourself into the right frame of mind.