Meet Jasmin D.

Jasmin D. is a single mother who has her goals set on becoming a CPA. Once she has qualified, this will enable her to enter the accounting profession, which will ultimate give her more job satisfaction and the ability to earn more money to provide for her family.

The challenge

Jasmin currently works as a secretary at a healthcare company and has been with the company for five years. Her background qualification is a Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts from her local community college – she studied, part-time, whilst working, for the past three years. Jasmin realizes that she has an interest in accounting as well as a strong desire to move into her company’s accounting department.


Jasmin took to the internet to find out how she could reach the 150 college credits needed to sit the CPA exam and found Having reached out to the support staff she learned that with she could:

  • Earn her extra college credits by studying online in her own time
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The results

In the next semester Jasmin will begin the first of the three courses, namely Payroll Accounting, Fundamentals of Forensic Accounting and Accounting Software Solutions – Small Business that she has signed up for which ultimately moves her closer to the goal of becoming a CPA.

Is for you?

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