Currently based in NYC whilst running an exceptionally successful online business, Mansour Farhat also holds a mass  of qualifications. These include being a CPA, CIA, CFE, CGMA and MAcc. This is in addition to being the founder of the #1 accounting YouTube channel, ‘Farhat’s Accounting Lectures.’

Mansour KNOWS how to help accounting students to become successful CPAs. He therefore joins the CPA Credits team with deep commitment to getting these courses out there and taking the pressure off so many accounting students. Achieving the CPA exam has become harder than ever; whilst holding down full time jobs people who want to achieve the CPA certification were having to shell out vast amounts of money over extended periods of time.

This is why has been established. At CpaCredits all the courses are:

  • Extremely affordable and the lowest in the marketplace
  • NASBA accredited and recognized for your CPA credit requirements
  • Online, which allows for easy accessibility
  • Asynchronous, allowing prospective CPA Candidates to fit the classes in to their schedule
  • 7.5 weeks which relieves the time necessary to attain the extra 30 credits
  • From regionally accredited universities

As Mansour said, “CpaCredits was designed to help CPA candidates achieve the dream of becoming a CPA. We have created a platform to feed CPA into the pipeline quickly, conveniently and cost-effectively.” 

Signing up is simple, easy and quick; you will be registered for your course in minutes. ALL of the courses can help you to get your extra college credits to qualify for the CPA exam.

See the full list of courses currently available.

CpaCredits is sure to help CPA Candidates meet their goal.