Ben is currently living his best life since he set up, with his team, CpaCredits. Ben’s life-long passion is to help people to thrive.

Setting up has taken – and will continue to take – a massive burden off many accounting students. It does so by allowing them the time to earn the 150 college credits needed to sit for the CPA exam.

This is why has been established. At CpaCredits all the courses are:

  • Extremely affordable and the lowest in the marketplace
  • NASBA accredited and recognized for your CPA credit requirements
  • Online which allows for easy accessibility
  • Asynchronous allowing prospective CPA candidates to fit the classes in to their schedule
  • 7.5 weeks which relieves the time necessary to attain the extra 30 credits
  • From regionally accredited universities

“The 150 credit requirement, while well intentioned, places a significant financial and time burden on students that makes it harder for them to reach their goals. CpaCredits was created to help students achieve the dignity of professional achievement they seek, while saving them time and money they don’t have to spare.”  said Ben.

Signing up is simple, easy and quick; you will be registered for your course in minutes. ALL of the courses can help you get your extra college credits to qualify for the CPA exam.

See the full list of our online courses currently available.

CpaCredits is sure to help CPA Candidates meet their goal.