The challenge

Having completed his Bachelor’s Degree, majoring in accounting and with 124 credits, Mike had a significant amount of student debt and had little time to reach the 150 college credits, enabling him to sit for his CPA exam, qualify as a CPA and pay off his debt.

Meet Mike S

Mike was eager to get into the workforce, become a CPA and pay off his debt as soon as possible. Mike was introduced to by a friend and whilst he was excited to hear of his options his main concerns were:

  • Was this a credible source?
  • Could he really reach the 150 college credit requirement, on his own time, with 7.5 week modules?
  • Were the credits that they were selling credible, NASBA recognised and transferable?

The solution

Mike contacted to ascertain:

  • All courses are offered through regionally accredited partner colleges (Monroe College in Mike’s case) 
  • Are 7.5 weeks (start to finish) and are asynchronous 
  • Monroe College is a regionally accredited college
  • All courses are accredited and recognized by NASBA and all State Accountancy Boards.

The result

Having done his own research Mike signed up with CPAcredits for Business Ethics and Fundamentals of Forensic Accounting, whilst starting his first job, he earned the additional college credits he needed to reach the 150 level required, in just six months, on his own time and at a fraction of what he thought he would have to pursue in a Masters Degree.

Is for you?

If, like Mike S, you want to:

  • Earn the additional college credits to meet you 150 required limit to sit for the CPA
  • Have student debt so need to get into the workplace as soon as possible
  • Want and need to study in your own time
  • Need the most flexible and cost-effective way

Then you could achieve your goals, effectively and quickly, with, like Mike!