Finding the quickest way to earn your CPA has been very difficult for aspiring CPA Candidates. CPA Credits was founded with the purpose of assisting possible CPA candidates achieve their goal of acquiring the CPA License.

CPA Credits Origin

CPA Credits Founder’s saw that it has been incredibly hard for aspiring CPAs to get their license because they are required to have 150 total credits to be able to qualify. This means that students currently had only the option to take the additional courses through a University or College, which is quite expensive. In fact, less and less students are sitting for the CPA exam every year, because it’s expensive to attain their additional credits and it is incredibly time consuming. In the meantime most of them are holding down jobs at the very least.

The Founder’s engaged with prospective CPA students and staff accountants. They were all searching for the same things.

  • accounting courses
  • business courses
  • elective courses

We listened to what they had to say and started CPA Credits to assist in the candidates goal. We created the quickest way to earn your CPA.

CPA Credits is the Quickest Way to Earn Your CPA

All the courses are:

  • extremely affordable and the lowest in the marketplace
  • NASBA accredited and recognized for your CPA credit requirements
  • Online which allows for easy accessibility
  • asynchronous allowing prospective CPA Candidates to fit the classes in to their schedule
  • 7.5 weeks which relieves the time necessary to attain the extra 30 credits
  • from regionally accredited universities

Starting is simple, easy and quick; you will be registered for your course in minutes. ALL of the courses can help you get your extra college credits to qualify for the CPA exam.

See a full list of courses currently available here.

CPA Credits is sure to help CPA Candidates meet their goal.