Here are just some of the reasons you may want to consider a career as a CPA:

  • There are extra job opportunities as you can work in almost any industry
  • Effective advantages and incentives
  • Job adaptability is increasing
  • It’s a great basis for being an entrepreneur
  • You can earn more money and benefit from increased job security.
  • There is greater job stability; being a CPA is one of the most stable qualifications
  • Prestige and Respect – peers, clients and the general population often view CPAs as an elite group of professionals
  • It’s perfect if you’re an adventurer as being a CPA it’s arguably one of the most portable qualifications
  • It’s more about advice than number crunching!
  • You get to spend your time helping people
  • It’s almost recession proof helps you fulfil your state accountancy requirements and maps out everything you need to get there.

You can complete the requirements and start a new career faster than you think. 

Earn the extra college credits you need and get your CPA.

  • Go from bookkeeper to CPA in less than 6 months
  • Increase your earning potential by 30% in 6 months and earn your CPA
  • Become a CPA without a background in accounting

Start a New Career in Accounting – It’s not too late!