Meet Sylvia G.

Six years ago, Sylvia graduated from college with a degree in Accounting. She immediately entered the workplace, taking up a role with a small accounting firm.  Mounting responsibilities had been preventing Sylvia from chasing the 150 college credits to reach her CPA goals when a friend of hers, who was researching ways to achieve these additional credits, told her about CpaCredits.

The challenge

With work and family commitments, the financial pressure of young children and the additional funding required (in the region of $20,000 – $30 000) to reach her masters degree, Sylvia’s dream of earning the additional 30 college credits she needed to sit for the CPA exam wasn’t being realized.

The solution

Sylvia couldn’t believe that CpaCredits allowed her:

  • Access to affordable courses
  • The ability to study in her own time 
  • To maintain her career and family responsibilities thanks to the flexibility of the courses
  • Confirmation that all courses are accredited and recognized by NASBA and all State Accountancy Boards

End result

Over the next four months Sylvia signed up for the following courses with CpaCredits:

Once Sylvia has completed the courses she will finally be able to sit for her CPA exam. Then, on passing, she might might earn a higher salary than she is currently. This will ultimately enable her to support her family in a much stronger way than she is currently able to. What’s more, she will finally achieve her career goals of becoming a CPA.

Is for you?

If, like Sylvia G., you want to:

  • Earn the additional college credits to meet the 150 required minimum limit to sit for the CPA
  • Reduce your student debt faster by earning a high salary
  • To set your own study schedule
  • Spend far less than by going through a college

then you could achieve your goals effectively and quickly, like Sylvia, with!