The challenge

Tommy G. is currently in his junior year of college but is very clear that he wants to earn the 150 college credits he needs in order to get his CPA straight out of college.

Meet Tommy G.

This determined young man knows that by taking one or two extra courses during his current study schedule in his own time, he will be able to graduate with the full 150 credits at the end of his four years of study.


Tommy found his way to because he knows that he will save himself a lot of money studying online with CpaCredits rather than:

  • Taking extra courses at the college he’s currently studying at
  • Doing a masters degree upon graduation, to make up the credits and cost him an additional year studying

The results

Tommy has signed up for Government and Nonprofit and Personal Tax, which he will begin in the next semester. He will thereby fast track himself to his CPA qualification.

Is for you?

If you think that CpaCredits can do for you what we will do for Tommy contact us today: