In case you were wondering whether there are any movies or shows that focus on the accounting profession, the good news is that there are. Below, we have compiled an overview of some examples of these that either feature accountants, or those working in related fields.


The Accountant

top accounting movies

This is an action thriller starring big names like Anna Kendrick and Ben Affleck about a high-functioning autistic CPA who specializes at freelance accounting work for criminal organizations to conceal their operations. When he takes on a legitimate client and uncovers missing millions, his life is endangered, and he goes on the run.


This film is focused more on finance than accounting. It centers around a hedge fund magnate who is approaching retirement and is trying to sell is business to make it happen. Although it sounds dull, it quickly escalates into a multi-layered crime thriller with financial fraud coverups, family drama and more.

Stranger than Fiction

This is a fantasy-comedy movie about an IRS auditor who suddenly finds himself as the only person who can hear a female voice narrating his life. Soon after this, as he resets his watch, he hears the voice state that this action will ultimately lead to his death. This causes him to panic and seek out the help of other characters, including psychiatrist and literature professor, among others.

The Crimson Permanent Assurance

It is a short film, a prologue to the Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life. In true Monty Python-style, it is known for its clever satire and clever puns. It features the adventures of a group of older accountants who rebel against their younger bosses when one of them is fired.

Dead Man

This movie has little to do with accountancy and is more of an action-western based in the 1800s starring Johnny Depp who has the role of an accountant who is lured to a small town with the false promise of a job there. However, he when he arrives, he finds himself jobless, homeless and in increasing trouble with the lawless locals.

The Untouchables

This movie is based on a task team trying to take on Al Capone during the 1930s prohibition era. An accountant is part of his team, and this turns out to be crucial since it is through his tax evasion that Al Capone ultimately met his downfall.

The Shawshank Redemption

This movie is based on a Stephen King novella that went on to receive critical acclaim. It focuses on the friendship of two inmates at the Shawshank State Prison, as well as the horrors they endure there. One of the main characters is a banker who is convicted of murdering his wife and her lover. His knowledge of accounting helps him to gain protection from his worst inmate assailants.

Look Who’s Talking

The mother in this romantic comedy is and accountant, but that has little to do with the plot aside from the fact that the father of her baby is a married man who works in the same office. The story of her romance with the cab driver who takes her to the hospital while she is in labor is narrated by her baby.

Midnight Run

This is an action comedy about a bail bondsman who is tasked with tracking down an accountant who skipped out on repaying his $450,000 bail bond and bringing him back to Los Angeles.  However, what the bondsman thought would be an easy job turns out to be a lot more complicated when the FBI gets involved.

Central Intelligence

Central Intelligence follows the adventures of a forensic accountant who is enlisted by a former high school classmate, now CIA agent, to help him expose an international espionage ring. Starring Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson, this movie is a light-hearted watch.


Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room

This is a documentary that provides an inside view of the rise and fall of Enron Corporation which was responsible for one of the biggest institutionalized instances of corporate accountancy fraud in US history. It illustrates how the company’s profitability was so effectively misrepresented that they managed to fool Forbes and many others. However, when the true extent of their fraud and financial standing was publicly exposed it was so shocking that it eventually led to many reforms on accountancy policies and practices in 2002.

All the Queen’s Horses

This is a documentary that traces the life of the perpetrator of the largest case of municipal fraud in American history, Rita Crundwell. It does so by focusing on her 20-year tenure as the city comptroller of Dixon, IL, she managed to steal around $53 million of public funds and funnel it into her quarter horse breeding empire.

Inside Job

This is an Academy Award-winning documentary that exposes how the 2008 US financial crisis was largely caused by corrupt bankers, political figures, financial regulators and academics. The film is divided into five parts, beginning with financial deregulation and the privatization of banks and how this lead to various crises from the 1980s onwards. The next parts then explore the specific crises from 2001-2008.

Schindler’s List

This film is a dramatization of actual historical events. It tells of how Oskar Schindler, a German Industrialist, risked his life during World War II to save the lives of over 1,000 Polish-Jews from certain death in Nazi concentration camps. Central to his efforts was the accountant, Itzhak Stern, who advised him on how to work around the Nazi doctrines and to request the employment of Jewish slave labor as a way to save them from the Nazi atrocities.

Rogue Trader

This is a drama based about an investment banker that is based on a true story. It chronicles the tale of a man whose hidden gambling with the Baring Bank’s finances ultimately lead to its bankruptcy.  

Too Big to Fail

This is another biographical drama that portrays the 2008 financial meltdown with a focus on the roles of Ben Bernanke, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve System and Henry Paulson, the US Treasury Secretary in the events that led up to it. It especially focuses on their involvement in approving the government subsidization of Lehman’s as well as the impact that made on the US economy when the company went bankrupt.

TV Series

American Greed (Non-fiction)

This is a true-life crime series that details white collar crimes, such as embezzlement, Ponzi schemes, murder-for-hire, insurance fraud and similar. Each episode usually explores two cases, and often interviews either the victims or the instigator.

Dirty Money (Non-fiction)

This is another documentary series that outlines the details of various economic crimes at a corporate level. However, its focus is global, rather than exclusively focused on American crime.

Ozark (Fiction)

This is a Netflix original crime drama series that revolves around a financial advisor who messes up when dealing with a drug cartel and offers to make amends by setting up a bigger money laundering operation in the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri. However, he and his family soon become more involved in their operations than he had intended.

PBC (Fiction)

This is a YouTube-based comedic web series about an accountant moving prom public to private. It is written by accountants for accountants and is therefore considered to be a realistic portrayal of the industry, as well as pretty funny even for non-accountants.

Andy Barker, PI (Fiction)

A CPA turns private investigator in this 6-part detective sitcom mini-series. Some of his cases are connected to his profession.